Accessible care and support

Filling a specialty medication can be a complicated process. We’re here to get your medications in your hands as quickly as possible—with clean instructions on how and when to use them. Here’s how it works:

We work directly with your physician.

Your physician will contact Sterling with your prescription, your health history, and your treatment plan and we’ll work directly with your provider to get you your medications quickly and efficiently.

We work on your behalf.

We work with both your physician’s office and your insurance to get your prescription benefits verified, and to connect you with any programs you may need to manage your copay or get other financial assistance.

We are always available.

We provide you with personalized information on taking your medication safely, any adverse effects that you should watch out for, and stay in touch with you, 24/7, to answer any questions that arise during your treatment.

We offer easy delivery to your home.

No need to make a trip to pick up your medication. We will ship your medication directly to your door.

Don’t let questions about your medications stop you from taking or filling your prescription on time. Sterling Specialty Pharmacy is here to help support you with expertise and compassion.

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy Customer Survey

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy is fully committed to providing unsurpassed levels of service and superior patient care. Meeting and/or surpassing the expectations of the healthcare providers with whom we partner is crucial in achieving our goals. Your feedback is invaluable in measuring our performance. If you could, please take a moment to complete the following survey. Your assessment will help us further improve all aspects of our service. Thank you!

What to Know

What is Adherence?

“Adherence” is the term pharmacists and physicians typically use to describe taking all of your medications when you are supposed to, in the amount that is prescribed.

What to Know

What is Specialty Pharmacy?

Specialty pharmacy focuses on medications that are typically high cost and complex, requiring high-touch therapies.

A long history of independence and innovation.

Our roots run deep—inspired by the vision of Leonard Astrup—who in 1952 founded his first pharmacy in Austin, Minnesota. For over 65 years, Leonard’s vision and passion has directed our dedicated approach to patient care and partner integration—inspiring the creation of Astrup Companies.

Led by the second and third generations of the Astrup family, Astrup Companies has grown to encompass 17 independent retail pharmacies, 4 long-term care pharmacies, a state-of-the-art specialty pharmacy, a nationwide wholesale pharmacy buying group, and a charitable foundation dedicated to giving back to the communities we collectively serve. As the third generation of the Astrup family prepares for future growth, Astrup Companies remains united by a singular purpose: to build healthier lives through caring relationships.

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy is a proud member of Astrup Companies family. We are founded upon a rich heritage of personalized patient care, dedicated community service, and insightful innovation that spans more than six decades.

Sterling Specialty, together with our related Astrup Companies’ group of businesses, pledge this to our employees, patients, and partners—we will remain dedicated to our purpose, diligent in delivering the best patient care, and committed to leveraging our experience in the best interest of our patients, partners, and employees.